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Thought Leaders - Ed Lopez

Head of ETF Product

About Ed

As the person responsible for ETF product and marketing strategy, Ed is always on the lookout for untapped asset classes and opportunities to improve the core investor experience. Besides being an ETF industry expert, spokesperson and frequent panelist at conferences, Ed is also the host of VanEck’s Trends With Benefits podcast, talking to guests to uncover new ways of thinking about the markets, investing, work and life.

My Insights

Trends with Benefits

December 01, 2020

I catch up with Steven Schoenfeld, CEO of MV Index Solutions to discuss Israel's recent accords with the UAE and Bahrain mean for investment in the region and how investors define emerging markets.

Trends with Benefits

November 24, 2020

In this episode I chat with Dr. Gil Chimes, Owner and Clinical Director of Greenwich Sports Medicine, about surging COVID cases and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Trends with Benefits

November 17, 2020

In this episode I speak with Fran Rodilosso, Head of Fixed Income ETF Portfolio Management for VanEck, about where to find value in fixed income and the state of the credit markets.

Trends with Benefits

November 10, 2020

Ed Lopez and former New York U.S. Representative John Faso discuss the recent election and what a Biden administration may mean for taxes, municipalities, climate policy and China.