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Thought Leaders - Jan van Eck
Chief Executive Officer

About Jan

Innovator.  Entrepreneur. Podcast enthusiast. Jan van Eck has firsthand knowledge of the today’s markets and the complex web of information that investors encounter on a daily basis.  He will highlight interesting market topics, filter out the noise, and focus on important technological and geopolitical trends.

My Insights

Economic Trends

November 30, 2020

China’s Economic Growth: Recovery Gathers Momentum

by Jan van Eck, Chief Executive Officer

Understand where China’s economy is in its growth cycle with these key charts.

Investment Outlook

November 18, 2020

Will Strong Global Growth Lead to Disappointment?

by Jan van Eck, Chief Executive Officer

Despite lockdowns in large parts of the world, global growth has been strong. If this continues in 2021, what can investors expect in the markets and how can they be prepared?

Investor Education

October 01, 2020

What You Should Know about Market History

by Jan van Eck, Chief Executive Officer

In this course on the history of finance, I review what I think is necessary historical background for a career in finance.