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Thought Leaders - Jan van Eck
Chief Executive Officer

About Jan

Innovator. Entrepreneur. Podcast enthusiast. Jan van Eck has firsthand knowledge of today’s markets and the complex web of information that investors encounter on a daily basis. He will highlight interesting market topics, filter out the jargon, and focus on important technological and geopolitical trends.

My Insights

Economic Trends

March 01, 2021

China’s activity gauges undershot expectations in January, but in our view, there are good reasons to believe that the weakness is temporary.

Digital Assets

February 16, 2021

No Jargon Answer to What Is Bitcoin?

by Jan van Eck, Chief Executive Officer

Investors may not need to know how bitcoin works technically, but they need to be able to assess the opportunities and risks of investing in bitcoin. Understanding that bitcoin is software is key. 

Economic Trends

February 01, 2021

China’s activity gauges took a hit in January as rising cases of COVID-19 took a toll on domestic activity. However, authorities may have policy room to prop up the economy.

Investment Outlook

January 27, 2021

Is It Time for the Inflation Trade?

by Jan van Eck, Chief Executive Officer

Commodities are on fire. Though the pandemic may be causing distortions, we believe that inflation could be picking up.