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Trends with Benefits #76: Time for Munis? with Tom Doe

April 26, 2022

Listen Time 38:48 MIN

Ed speaks with Tom Doe, President and Managing Partner, Municipal Market Analytics, Inc. about his outlook for municipal markets.

I meet with Tom Doe, President and Managing Partner, Municipal Market Analytics, Inc. to discuss his outlook for municipal markets, and answer the question if now is the time to invest. We chat about the fund flows into muni bond ETFs and out of muni bond mutual funds. I ask Tom to jump into the headwinds he sees for munis in 2022, as interest rates continue to rise. We also discuss how inflation is impacting muni credit, and which sectors of the muni market may work best in an inflationary environment.

Show Notes:

1:47 Is this the time to be allocating to Munis

4:58 Muni bond funds: ETFs vs mutual funds

8:10 Municipal Markets Analytics Inc. Founding and clients

11:01 Biggest headwinds in municipal markets: Inflation Risk

16:42 What sectors perform better in inflationary environments

27:30 Increased property tax impact on munis

29:11 Tom’s long term trend view

31:29 Trend or Fad

Trend or Fad

Listen for Tom’s take on the metaverse, pension obligation bonds, remote virtual education, space tourism, and Austin Texas.

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