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Income Investing

Stay informed in an ever-changing interest rate environment with income investing insights covering the latest news, trends and investment opportunities.


Fallen angel high yield bonds provide a distinct value proposition that sets them apart from the broad high yield market.
Forward-looking assessments of valuation and financial health are key to the long-term durability of pay-outs and growth potential.
Attractively valued corporate bonds have recently outperformed the broad market as well as shorter duration segments.


Frequently Asked Questions On Income Investing

We explore how CLOs are structured—including their “built-in” risk protection and how they compare to other fixed income instruments—in this Q&A.
We address frequently asked questions about sustainable municipal bonds including suitability, ratings, how sustainable munis fit into a portfolio and the VanEck HIP Sustainable Muni ETF (SMI).
Unlike other bonds which typically pay a fixed coupon, floating rate notes (or "FRNs") pay a coupon that adjusts periodically with prevailing interest rates.
Green bonds can help investors build sustainable core fixed income portfolios without significantly impacting risk and return.
Your frequently asked questions on fallen angel bonds and VanEck's Fallen Angel High Yield Bond ETF (ANGL) answered.