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Sustainable Investing

Insights on aligning positive sustainability outcomes alongside financial results with a heightened focus on the trends, themes, and tailwinds as the structural changes across resources, commodities, and technology converge.


VanEck’s sustainability-related solutions incorporate many of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, thus enabling investors to choose investments that reflect their values and concerns.
CEO Jan van Eck discusses the firm’s ongoing responsibility to ESG initiatives and how it has shaped the growth of the firm.
As part of our continuing commitment to responsible investment, we seek to incorporate ESG factors in not only our active investment analysis, but also in our engagement activities.


Frequently Asked Questions

Low carbon energy companies have evolved and are proving extremely innovative as they tackle some of society’s most difficult challenges. We explore in this Q&A.
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Concerns over the long-term sustainability of global food systems are leading to questions about the future of food. In this Q&A, we address these concerns as well as VanEck’s Future of Food ETF (YUMY).
Green bonds can help investors build sustainable core fixed income portfolios without significantly impacting risk and return.