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Thematic Investing

Explore current news and insights on targeted investment opportunities based on prevalent and accelerating growth trends, including esports and technology.


Learn more about forward-looking targeted themes and expanding opportunities that we believe are reshaping the investment landscape.
We address frequently asked questions about digital transformation companies, which range across business lines, including digital asset exchanges, miners, and other infrastructure companies.


Frequently Asked Questions

In this blog, we answer frequently asked questions about VanEck's Pharmaceutical ETF (PPH), including why the sector may be an attractive value and defensive play during economic slowdowns.
The transition from traditional to sustainable infrastructure is creating opportunities for investors. We explore in this Q&A.
Concerns over the long-term sustainability of global food systems are leading to questions about the future of food. In this Q&A, we address these concerns as well as VanEck’s Future of Food ETF (YUMY).
The fast growing biotech industry has seen significant advancement in recent years. In this Q & A, we address frequently asked questions about biotech companies and VanEck’s Biotech ETF (BBH).
We address frequently asked questions about gaming. Exploring opportunities such as: Casinos, Hotels, Sports Betting Operators, lottery services, and More.