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VanEck Moody’s Analytics BBB Corporate Bond ETF

Market Updates*

  • This strategy allows investors to earn attractive income with outperformance potential versus the broad market (as represented by the ICE BofA BBB US Corporate Bond Index) without having to assume excessive risk. As of 5/5/2021, the strategy’s yield to worst was 2.51% vs 2.40 for the broad index.Please see standard performance listed below.
  • Underlying index’s methodology integrates valuation screening with multiple screens for credit risk, resulting in a portfolio with similar or lower average default and downgrade risk and a higher average credit spread compared to broad benchmarks.2
  • Moody’s Analytics’ credit risk model looks beyond traditional fixed income risk measures and provides forward-looking valuation and risk measures to select bonds with the greatest alpha potential relative to their risk.

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1Source: ICE Data Indices.

2Source: VanEck, MVIS, Moody’s Analytics and ICE Data Indices as of 3/31/2021

Fund Description

VanEck Moody’s Analytics® BBB Corporate Bond ETF seeks to track, as closely as possible, before fees and expenses, the price and yield performance of the MVIS® Moody’s Analytics® US BBB Corporate Bond Index, which includes BBB rated corporate bonds that have attractive valuations and a lower probability of being downgraded to high yield compared to other BBB rated bonds.


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  • ETF Structure

  • Administrator

    Van Eck Associates
  • Custodian

    State Street Bank and Trust Company
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  • Index Rebalancing

  • 2021 Preliminary NAIC Designation7


as of 09/17/21

  • 30-Day SEC Yield1

  • Total Net Assets

  • Number of Holdings

  • Options

  • Gross Expense Ratio2

  • Net Expense Ratio/TER2

  • Distribution Frequency

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Click here to read the Recommended Insights - Whitepaper: Uncover Hidden Value in Credit