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September 05, 2017VanEck Natural Resources Conference Denver 2017 (2:14)
VanEck hosts the 2017 Natural Resources Conference in Denver, Colorado.

VanEck Natural Resource Conference 2017

ROLAND MORRIS: We're in Denver.


JAN VAN ECK: Denver, Colorado.

SHAWN REYNOLDS: We're here in Denver at the annual Van Eck Natural Resources Conference, and we're really happy to have a great lineup of both mining companies and energy players.

MORRIS: This is really a great opportunity to introduce to our important clients many of the portfolio companies that we invest in, and give them a sense of how excited we get in the process of understanding these companies and all the interesting things that they're doing.

JOE FOSTER: We're getting a very in-depth view of a variety of natural resources companies and finding out really what makes these companies tick.

REYNOLDS: This industry is going through a major transition and really trying to figure out how to redesign the narrative, and it's going to be different as we move forward.

VAN ECK: We've heard from many different companies, both from the mining and the energy sectors. And we're really looking forward to taking our clients into the field tomorrow. We have several visits planned. One is to Newmont's gold mine, and the other visits are to oil rigs courtesy of PDC Energy and Patterson-UTI.

REYNOLDS: What we really are striving to do is highlight the companies who are really the best performers, or the best executors, in this tough environment. The companies that we have brought to this Conference are the leaders who are really delivering some great growth and performance in the face of this difficult time.

VAN ECK: It's always fascinating for me as a CEO to listen to other CEOs dealing with all the different things that they have to deal with, including big changes in the pricing environment over the last couple of years for natural resources.

REYNOLDS: Obviously, it is a tough industry. I think the takeaway is that there are some great players out there, and great executors, that can create and deliver significant value. We think we have a portfolio of names that can really perform. That is our job: to find those companies that can execute in that environment over the long term.

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