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June 29, 2016VanEck U.S. Energy Renaissance Conference 2016 (2:22)

VanEck U.S. Energy Renaissance Conference 2016

JAN VAN ECK, CEO: It is great to be in Houston.


VERONICA ZHANG, ANALYST: We are in Houston, Texas, and we are here for Van Eck's inaugural energy conference.

ROLAND MORRIS, PORTFOLIO MANAGER AND STRATEGIST: I think this has been an exciting day so far.

CASANOVA: We have a great turnout. We have a very nice group of investors here, and there is a good vibe in the room.

VAN ECK: It's 2016. The energy industry and commodities in general have gone through a tremendous bear market. This is a great time to engage investors and the companies in the industry to discuss what has been going on.

SHAWN REYNOLDS, PORTFOLIO MANAGER: The overarching theme of today is not just surviving, but thriving. There are three other important sub-themes that have been addressed, namely transformation, technology, and culture.

VAN ECK: This conference is providing a firehose of eight to nine hours of information, looking at different aspects in the industry, from the perspectives of shipping to exploration companies.

ZHANG: We have many industry people here today, CEOs from a multitude of companies.

MORRIS: These are companies we know really well. Most, if not all of the people represent the management of the companies that we hold in our investment portfolio. We've known the management. We understand the industry. We understand the resources in the ground that these companies are developing and bringing to the marketplace. This conference represents a unique event where we can showcase that knowledge and display it to the investors in an intimate way.

VAN ECK: The investors and the institutions attending today’s conference are tremendously engaged and asking many questions of management. All of the management teams are very impressive in their own way.

ZHANG: Everyone has had something unique to offer.

REYNOLDS: The overarching theme that I found fascinating was how important culture is to every one of these companies and its individual success, and how this culture feeds through to the leadership and the talent that these companies are able to attract and maintain. We have a great culture at Van Eck, and it has been critical to our success. If we think it's critical to what we do in managing investment portfolios, then it is also obviously critical to the companies that we have in our portfolios.

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Recorded: May 25, 2016

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