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July 23, 2018VanEck Natural Resources Conference 2018: The Best ROC Wins (2:25)
Over the course of two days in Denver, clients and senior executives from leading natural resources companies exchanged insights on strategy, industry trends, and their outlook going forward. Through it all, they examined why, in today’s environment, companies with the best ROC are finding success.

Shawn Reynolds: We're back in Denver, Colorado for another of VanEck's Natural Resources Conferences. I think it's probably one of the best ever.

Jan van Eck: The question is: Does the best ROC win? ROC = Return On Capital?

Brendan Gundersen: I'm really excited. We've got a great turnout. This conference is important for VanEck because it connects our investor clients with the companies that we actually invest in.

Joe Foster: To exchange ideas, discuss, find out the strategies that these natural resource companies are using, where they are in the market cycle, and how they're going to behave going forward.

Kristen Capuano: Natural resource equity investing is part of VanEck's lineage. Part of our out-of-the-box thinking. Inherent in our brand. That's why it's important to engage with clients and the CEOs within the funds that we have had for a very, very long time.

Jeff Banaszak: This is my second time at the conference. Last year was a tremendous experience, and so I decided to come back for another round. I think this is a really unique conference. You look at the quality and the access that you're getting to businesses, is quite astounding, that you don't get in a lot of other conferences.

Natalka Bukalo: It was a really good mixture of different real asset classes. I just gain a lot of expertise and knowledge at this conference.

Shawn Reynolds: We're at Spruce Mountain Ranch, south of Denver, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. We just wrapped up two days of our Natural Resources Conference. Yesterday was a day filled with presentations from a number of companies, and today was field trips. And now we're just going to finish up this long two days with a dinner here at the ranch and some rest and relaxation.


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