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Welcome to our VanEck corporate store, where we offer a wide range of quality items, including apparel and various accessories to suit your business and leisure needs. 

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Each year, our signature silk ties feature a whimsical depiction of a forward-looking investment trend.

For 2023, we highlight the transformational, and provocative, impact of semiconductors and artificial intelligence on the human experience.

Previous designs have included Fed actions on financial markets and traditional asset allocation, work-from-home themes, “green” images, an eagle and a panda locked in a tug-of-war, bitcoin represented as “digital gold”, a QE3 ship sailing into the sunset and a dovish Janet Yellen bringing peace to donkeys and elephants. In 2015, we also issued a special batch of Alexander Hamilton ties in defense of keeping the U.S.'s first Treasury Secretary on the $10 bill.

We are always interested in new ideas. Please send your suggestions to our CEO, Jan van Eck.