Corporate Bonds

Regular income. Lower risk.

A Vital Part of your Portfolio

Are you looking for a relatively low level of risk yet with some investment return? If so, think about corporate bonds. They have become an increasingly important part of an investors’ portfolios in recent years simply because they still provide a reasonable return in a yield starved world.

Risk: Investors should consider risks before investing. See dedicated risk factors section on this website.

What are Corporate Bonds?

Big companies need to raise capital regularly to grow, and they do so regularly through the bond markets. They use capital to invest in innovation and expansion – it’s vital fuel for any business. In return, companies normally commit to reward investors by paying a coupon, or interest, on the bond, as well as to repay it at maturity after a set number of years.

So, by investing in corporate bonds you help companies to finance their growth.

Three Reasons to Invest

Corporate bonds are part of a well-diversified investment portfolio. Their coupon payments generally are a source of cash flow while their risk profiles add diversification to a portfolio.

Why VanEck’s ETF?

Quite candidly, our corporate bond ETF delivers a blend of low cost and high quality.

Our ETF is one of the lowest cost ETFs to buy corporate bonds (0.15% total expense ratio).

Low Costs

Source: VanEck.

Risk: Investors should consider risks before investing. See dedicated risk factors section on this website.

VanEck Vectors iBoxx EUR Corporates UCITS ETF

ISIN: NL0009690247

  • Diversified exposure to brand name corporate bonds
  • Investment grade
  • Euro-denominated
  • Diversification across sectors, countries and maturities

Risk indication: 3 out of 7

Lower risk: Typically lower reward

Higher risk: Typically higher reward

Main Risk Factors


Changes in interest rates have a significant influence on the results of fixed-income securities issued by companies. Potential or actual downgrades in the credit rating can increase the assumed risk level.

For more information on risks, please see the “Risk Factors” section of the relevant Fund’s prospectus, available on

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