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Build your wealth or save for your retirement by investing in ETFs. They are reshaping the investment industry, offering investors:

  • Higher returns than savings accounts
  • Smart investment funds
  • Competitive fees
  • Easy access and transparency
  • Risk diversification

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Build your wealth or save for your retirement with ETFs. Lies Oudemans explains.

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Whatever your goals, we probably have an ETF that meets them. The options below are some of our most popular, at the forefront of how investment is changing. They range from indispensable assets such as global equities, to those at the leading edge like semiconductor stocks or digital assets.

Risk of investing in ETFs: Investors should consider risks before investing. See dedicated risk factors in the fund-specific sections.

All-In-One Solutions

Do you want to create the optimum equilibrium of risk and return for your long-term savings? Our multi-asset ETFs offer three simple risk profiles for you to choose from.

Risk / Expected Return

Conservative Allocation
Balanced Allocation
Growth Allocation
Learn more This information is intended only to provide general and preliminary information to investors and shall not be construed as investment, legal or tax advice. For questions regarding investing or trading please contact your advisor, brokerage or bank. Please contact your tax advisor before making an investment.

Why Invest in VanEck ETFs?

VanEck is different from other asset managers in three crucial ways:

  • Since we were founded in 1955 we have constantly been at the forefront of innovation, giving you access to new opportunities like gold funds, emerging market funds and ETFs.
  • We are privately-held, allowing us to focus on our clients’ long-term interests.
  • Our ETFs are transparent: they acquire the underlying securities (no synthetic replication). Securities are not lent out.1
1 This only holds for VanEck’s European ETFs.

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