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VanEck Beheerd Indexbeleggen

VanEck Beheerd Indexbeleggen is the wealth management solution of VanEck which is currently available in the Netherlands only. With VanEck Beheerd Indexbeleggen, a dedicated investment advisor will discuss your investment goals and determine your personal risk tolerance. The advisor will then determine which investment profile gives you the best chance of achieving your investment goals during your investment horizon. We will minimise the costs of your investments by investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). You will benefit from broad diversification across global equities, Euro donominated bonds and publicly traded real estate. VanEck Beheerd Indexbeleggen is available for Dutch private individuals and certain types of corporate entities.

Interested? Have a look on the website: for more information about returns, costs and risks of this investment concept.

VanEck Beheerd Indexbeleggen

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