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Latest Commentary

Latest Commentary

By: Shawn Reynolds, Portfolio Manager

Natural Resources Turn Choppy as Trade Winds Persist

  • After an encouraging first quarter to the year, commodities and natural resource equities turned choppy and skittish. A clear, finite resolution to the problems surrounding tariffs and trade remained elusive. As concerns around slowing growth and undershot inflation targets increased, central banks around the world re-engaged, reversed their policies and started easing. In June, this led to a surge in the price of gold and renewed hope that previous fears around threats to global growth would prove unfounded.

  • We believe resolution on trade and further accommodative central bank policy would be positive for the space. In the meantime, these macroeconomic headwinds may dampen the impact of potential tightening supply and demand fundamentals or significant corporate actions.

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Worldwide Due Diligence

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Videos on Hard Assets

Conventional versus Unconventional Energy

Shawn Reynolds
Portfolio Manager, Natural Resources Equity

“We’re still working on the assessment and appraisal of where all these resources are. As the years go on, we've got hundreds and thousands of wells to drill into these shales and unconventional resources that will be more manufacturing-oriented.”

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Hard Assets Defined: Foundation of Industrial Economies

Hard Assets Defined: Foundation of Industrial Economies

“Hard assets” refers to the natural resources or commodities that are mined, exploited, harvested or otherwise procured globally.

Hard assets have traditionally been grouped into five broad categories:

1) Energy  
Oil, natural gas, electricity, coal, and new/renewable alternative energy sources

2) Precious Metals  
Gold, silver, palladium and platinum

3) Base/Industrial Metals  
Copper, aluminum, steel, iron and nickel

4) Agriculture  
Corn, wheat, sugar and water

5) Forest Products  
Timber, pulp and paper

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