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Global Resources Fund - Class I

Daily Price as of 09/17/21

$38.54 $-0.19 / -0.49%

Class I Details: GHAIX

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Latest Commentary

By: Shawn Reynolds, Portfolio Manager

The Global Resources Fund commentary includes a review of the prominent trends in natural resources and commodities over the previous quarter, a look at the key drivers of Fund performance, and an update on current positioning.

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Worldwide Due Diligence

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Videos on Resources

Batteries Charge Up Energy Transition Opportunities

Veronica Zhang
Analyst, Alternative Energy

In the shift from conventional to renewable energy, batteries are a common solution to many problems. We believe there will be significant demand growth in this space over the next year or two.

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Commodity Companies Display Discipline Amid Rally

Shawn Reynolds
Portfolio Manager

The restructuring by commodities companies during the 10-year commodities bear market is paying off. As many commodity prices reach all-time highs, companies are in strong financial shape and able to give back to shareholders.

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Inflation, Macro Stimulus Spurs Commodities

Roland Morris
Portfolio Manager and Commodities Strategist

The magnitude of the stimulus over the past year may be driving inflationary expectations. This, combined with potential synchronized global growth and supply constraints may all serve as tailwinds for commodity producers.

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Natural Resources Outlook and Role in the Global Recovery

Shawn Reynolds
Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager Shawn Reynolds shares his views on what’s in store for natural resources in the remainder of 2020 and heading into 2021, across traditional and alternative energy, mining and agriculture.

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Alternative Energy Investing: Spotlight on Solar

Shawn Reynolds
Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager Shawn Reynolds discusses alternative energy investing, how it became one of the largest exposures in our natural resources equity strategy and key holdings like Sunrun, SolarEdge and Neste.

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Commodities Outlook: Watch the Dollar and Copper Demand

Roland Morris
Portfolio Manager and Commodity Strategist

Portfolio Manager and Commodity Strategist Roland Morris discusses the macro trends he’s watching in the near term as well as the commodities he’s following closely through the remainder of the year.

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Resources Defined: Foundation of Industrial Economies

Resources Defined: Foundation of Industrial Economies

“Resources” refers to the natural resources or commodities that are mined, exploited, harvested or otherwise procured globally.

Resources have traditionally been grouped into five broad categories:

1) Energy  
Oil, natural gas, electricity, coal, and new/renewable alternative energy sources

2) Precious Metals  
Gold, silver, palladium and platinum

3) Base/Industrial Metals  
Copper, aluminum, steel, iron and nickel

4) Agriculture  
Corn, wheat, sugar and water

5) Forest Products  
Timber, pulp and paper